The Grind™ Teams With Chad Belding And The Fowl Life TV

The Grind, maker of turkey call, decoys and accessories for the passionate turkey hunter, and those who grind it out every spring after the elusive gobbler, is excited to announce a new partnership with Chad Belding, host of ‘The Fowl Life’ on Outdoor Channel, the well-known outdoor podcast, ‘This Life Ain’t For Everyone’, and the most recent series, “The Provider”. Belding is a dedicated outdoorsman with a passion in wing-shooting, sharing the hunt, and educating folks on what it truly means to be a provider.

The Grind is one of two brands at Rock Ridge Outdoors that will partner with The Fowl Life. “Chad and The Fowl Life crew have an avid passion for the outdoors and hunting community. Their fans and the content they share make them a tremendous representative for our brands,” said Lucas Mashtare, VP of Marketing and Communications at Rock Ridge Outdoors. “Chad’s hunting style, appreciation for our hunting heritage and persona are a natural fit and representation for our brands.”

“I love to communicate with wild animals. From their vocabulary to their body language, I want to be able to read them like a book! The new series of Grind Turkey calls allow me to be fluent in wild turkey.  I want that long beard close, and when I say close… I mean in my lap! Talk to them, let them hunt you up, and then get the grease ready!!”, said Chad Belding.

The Grind
is more than just making a turkey call. The Grind is our passion, our life. Years of learning to hunt, making mistakes and applying hunting knowledge takes us to the lowest of lows and the highest of highs when getting that gobbler. The Grind is tradition – like talking your kids on their first hunt and passing down the hunting passion. The Grind is meeting other hunters from all over the country that turn into lifelong friendships. The Grind is getting up morning after morning to watch the sun come up and listen for that first songbird and anticipating that distant gobble. These are all the reason’s we’ve teamed up with The Fowl Life. Learn more about The Grind at