Turkey Hunting Basics – Youth

Whether you want to show a kid in your life the ropes or get started chasing gobblers yourself, these are the need-to-know basics for any turkey hunter.

Identify Gobblers vs. Hens

When a flock of birds comes storming in, the excitement can make it tough for new hunters to differentiate between the sexes — especially when bearded hens come into play. Learning to identify gobblers and hens before heading into the field is critical for newbies.

Learn to Call

Calling is the most effective way to locate and draw in birds. Although diaphragm calls can be challenging for new hunters to master, friction calls and locator calls can be much easier to use. Having a few options in your turkey vest for any scenario is always best. A set like the Gobbler Getter Pack offers two mouth calls for beginners, the easy-to-operate Push Button Call, and the Crow Caw II — plus a Buggin’ Hen decoy!

Stay Concealed

Turkeys possess incredible eyesight, so staying completely concealed is crucial to getting them within range. New hunters will need not only a set of camo clothing but also a face mask and gloves to keep them covered from head to toe.

Know Where to Aim

Beginners who have never hunted before or have only pursued big game may not know where to shoot to take a turkey down. Understanding exactly where to hold a shotgun’s red dot or aim a broadhead will make or break a newbie’s hunt.

Spot the Sign

While turkey signs might not be overly abundant in many areas, knowing what to look for is foundational knowledge for turkey hunters. Droppings, tracks, scratching — these are all great indicators that birds have been nearby.

Find the Right Setup

For running and gunning, a tree to lean against on the fly and a cushion to sit on are about all any hunter needs. But when opting for a blind setup, hunters usually need to do a little more planning and invest in some additional gear. The best choice can depend on location, weather conditions, weapons, and comfort level. Depending on the time of season and setup, decoys can be a great addition!