turkey jake decoy
jake decoy turkey
jake decoy
jake decoy
man and woman with dead turkey hunting with decoy
man holding dead turkey with gun and decoy

Half Strut Jake Turkey Decoy

Deadly Head & Feather Colors. Half Strut Jake makes Ole’ Tom jealous!

  • Decoy includes 2-piece motion stake
  • Inner body stake attaches and stays in decoy
  • Heavy duty stake has foot step, just step on it to set up in the hardest dirt
  • Super-fast decoy sets even in the dark. No looking for a tiny hole!
  • Perfectly balanced so the slightest breeze will create motion

ANATOMY – Head and body anatomy attracts period! The closer he gets the better they look.
POSTURE – Half Strut Jake posture adds realism and simulates movement to your decoy spread
RUGGED – EVA material is tough and lightweight. Holds decoy posture shape year after year, no decoy dents!
COLOR – Realistic iridescent feather colors and feather detail ‘Ole Tom just can’t resist when he gets close.
PAINT – Heat treated, textured paint process resists scratches or flakes and holds up on those crazy run and gun hunts.

SKU: TG8628


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