Lay Down Hen Turkey Decoy

Use with Half Strut Jake for a deadly combo!

  • Squatted posture simulates breeding position for mating
  • Best used with the Half Strut Jake
  • Lay Down Hen and Jake Combo is the deadliest decoy setup to make an ole long beard come running
  • Lightweight and quick to set up

ANATOMY – Head and body anatomy attracts period! The closer he gets the better they look.
POSTURE – Lay Down Hen posture adds realism and simulates spring mating
RUGGED – EVA material is tough and lightweight. Holds decoy posture shape year after year, no decoy dents!
COLOR – Realistic iridescent feather colors and feather detail ‘Ole Tom just can’t resist when he gets close.
PAINT – Heat treated, textured paint process resists scratches or flakes and holds up on those crazy run and gun hunts.

SKU: TG8857


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